The Stats You Need To Know After Week 16 (2022 Fantasy Football)

The finals are officially upon us. Maybe that means this week; maybe next. Either way, this is the most critical time of the season for many managers. If you’re reading this and using the reports here, best of luck to you. Thank you for making it this far in the season and reading this piece. […]

The Stats You Need To Know After Week 15 (2022 Fantasy Football)

As we were getting ready for bed last night, my wife and I were discussing plans for the day, things we still had to do, etc. Obviously most of it was focused around holiday planning, with her family coming into town and us trying to split time amongst them and others. We often joke that […]

The Stats You Need To Know After Week 14 (2022 Fantasy Football)

For many leagues, the playoffs start this week. For others, they’ve already started. Either way, this is the most important time of your season. This is the time where you prove dominant over your friends, colleges, strangers, people who keep giving you bad advice on the internet, and everyone in between. Planning for the playoffs […]

The Stats You Need To Know After Week 13 (2022 Fantasy Football)

First and foremost, I’m back.  After taking last week off for personal illness (all good now), it’s time to resume the weekly edition of The Stats You Need To Know. Context is tough.  Context when speaking to statistics can be especially difficult.  Too often we want out metrics in bite-sized morsels, able to quickly discern […]

The Stats You Need To Know After Week 11 (2022 Fantasy Football)

Last week I visited Griffin.  ‘Griff’ is a coworker and more importantly a friend, who recently entered into hospice care after battling cancer for a number of years.  Young guy, my age.  We met at the office and worked together on the analytics team.  He taught me more than I can put into words. I’ll […]

The Stats You Need To Know After Week 10 (2022 Fantasy Football)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; intros are the hardest part of an article.  If there aren’t major events or some overarching theme to piggyback off of, its tough to come up with something that’s not only relatable, but also that ties into this week in the fantasy football landscape.  Spoiler: next […]

The Stats You Need To Know After Week 9 (2022 Fantasy Football)

The midterm elections were this week. No, wait! Don’t go just yet.  I swear this isn’t a political post.  I won’t share my positions and I honestly have zero interest in yours. But the thing that has dominated the air waves in the couple of days following has been one of expectations.  Both parties entered […]

The Stats You Need To Know After Week 7 (2022 Fantasy Football)

The NFL trade deadline is less than one week away, officially landing on November 1st this year. Already we’ve seen a handful of trades go down, some having massive fantasy implications. For most leagues, however, there are still a few weeks to go before trading ends, and I can think of no better time or […]

The Stats You Need To Know After Week 6 (2022 Fantasy Football)

Stats you should know; week 6 edition My wife doesn’t really watch football. Sure, she’ll sit there while I have the game(s) on, often either watching another show on her iPad or playing on her phone. You know, just hanging out. Such was the case on Sunday. I’m watching the games, checking injury updates, taking […]

The Stats You Need To Know After Week 5 (2022 Fantasy Football)

I’m doing this article tonight. Some of these stats are probably going to start a fight. My predictions can’t all be right. But hey, come on.   These metrics aint no lie. Bye bye byes are upon us.   Oh come on, it was corny as hell but you know you loved it. You hummed […]