How to Join the Fantasy Playbook Discord

The Fantasy Playbook™ uses Discord, a futuristic VoIP and messaging platform. That’s where our community is built. Here’s how you can get on The Fantasy Playbook™ Discord channel:

1. Create a Discord account or log into your discord account.
You can create an account at

2. Use our Invite link to join the Discord channel.
You can create an account at

3. Copy your full Discord username, including the hashtag.
Your Discord username can be found at the bottom of your Discord. You’ll see the username and hashtag below. Click on your username to copy it.

4. Add your full Discord username on checkout before you subscribe.
If you filled out your username while signing up, it may already be pre-filled in the checkout area. Just make sure before you push the “Check Out” button, you’ve added your username in the “Discord Details” section.

That's it! You're all set.