The Stats You Need To Know After Week 16 (2022 Fantasy Football)

The finals are officially upon us. Maybe that means this week; maybe next. Either way, this is the most critical time of the season for many managers. If you’re reading this and using the reports here, best of luck to you. Thank you for making it this far in the season and reading this piece. Sincerely, it means the world to me.

With that said, welcome to the Stats You Should Know – Week 16 edition.

Over the last 5 weeks, the Seahawks have given up 100 more rushing yards than any other team

This oddly seems to come in bunches, as they have two games (Rams and Chiefs) where they have given up exactly 69 rushing yards – but three games each with over 170 rushing yards.

To that same end, the team has given up a total of 9 total touchdowns to the position.

Lastly, the final concern comes from the allowances in where the carries are hurting the team – up the middle.  Sticking with the same image above, direct your eye to the chart in the bottom right corner. Some of the largest yard per carry figures come following the A or B gaps (middle or guard).

TJ Hockenson has the 8th most targets in the redzone among Tight Ends this year… strictly as a Viking.

To phrase it differently, TJ Hockenson was traded to the Vikings just before week eight. Since that trade, he has accumulated 12 redzone targets. This represents the eighth most of any Tight End this entire season. To add to those figures, he had 7 in his time in Detroit. Were we to combine those periods, that total of 19 targets would rank Hockenson as the overall second most targeted Red Zone Tight End this season.

The final stat in this comes not from a visual or chart… but rather the filter panel itself (something you can access in the reports!). Its easy to see the Vikings record and assume that they’ve been a great team this year, but they only have one win by more than one score all season. Layering that in with Hockenson, when we filter his games by just Vikings games (week 8 – current), we find that the filter for “winning” is completely missing. Despite the Vikings record and the fact that they are winning games, Hockenson has ZERO Red-Zone targets when the Vikings are winning. It’s not even an option in the filter panel.

Mike Evans only has 13 redzone targets this year – tied for 20th among all Wide receivers

Just two years ago, Mike Evans had a game with two receptions for two yards and two touchdowns. That feels like an eternity ago, no? In 2022, Evans not only has just 13 redzone targets, but is the THIRD ranked receiver on his own team in such targets.

Those 13 targets also tie him with guys like Noah Brown and the oft-injured Keenan Allen for season-long totals.

For a guy with the history, skill, and stature to support significant opportunities within tight quarters, this is a stark contrast to expectations coming into the season.

And that will do it for this week’s edition of The Stats You Should Know. As always, each and every chart and table you see above is free to access and manipulate as you wish, with the ability to slice and filter the data to show your favorite teams or players and a myriad of situations. Until next week, go make the world a better place.

Andrew Hayslip