The Stats You Need To Know After Week 5 (2022 Fantasy Football)

I’m doing this article tonight.

Some of these stats are probably going to start a fight.

My predictions can’t all be right.

But hey, come on.  

These metrics aint no lie.

Bye bye byes are upon us.  

Oh come on, it was corny as hell but you know you loved it. You hummed the cadence as you read. You can lie to me and say you didn’t. Just don’t lie to yourself.

But nevertheless, it’s true.  This upcoming week includes byes for the Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans, Las Vegas Raiders, and Detroit Lions. Hopefully this article will help you navigate the path forward and find fantasy viability in places you had not looked previously. 

Welcome my friends, to The Stats You Need To Know: Week 5 edition.

1. If there are 10 opportunities to be had in Seattle, Ken Walker might just have 11.

It’s not news to anyone that the Seahawks LOVE Ken Walker. And the data bears that out in spades. Were it not for an injury coming into the season, I’m not convinced this wouldn’t have been a 50/50 split between he and incumbent Rashaad Penny from day one.

As it were though, the workload is setting up to be ALL Walker going forward, following the season-ending injury to Penny. Over the last four weeks, Walker has seen an increase in snaps played each week, and more and more opportunities, even with Penny in the fold.

The thing that excites me most, however, is how the Seahawks have used him already. Walker was already seeing significant work in all field positions, on every down, and even led the Running Back room in targets and receptions despite missing a game.

We should be gearing up for the Walker show the rest of the way, and if the offense continues to hum under Geno Smith, the opportunities should be plentiful.

2. Travis Kelce is being used more in the Red Zone than even his biggest supporters expected.

We knew Travis Kelce was set for a significant target share. With the departure of Tyreek Hill, I remember jokingly saying Kelce was set for “a bajillion targets.” But where the numbers are truly remarkable are when they get in close. Through five games, the Chiefs have targeted the Wide Receiver or Tight End position 19 times when they’re within the opposing 10 yard line. Of those passes, Travis Kelce accounts for 10 targets just by himself, more than triple the next-highest individuals targets in Joe Fortson and Mecole Hardman.

It gets even more extreme. If we back out a little, we know that Patrick Mahomes has thrown the ball into the Endzone 23 times (meaning the ball crosses the goal line in the air). Of those pass attempts, 11 are in the direction of Kelce.

3. Rhamondre Stevenson is set for a massive workload.

Even before the injury to Damien Harris, the New England backfield was becoming the Rhamondre Stevenson show. Each week saw an increase in carries, and apart from week 5, an increase (or plateau) in targets.

Stevenson also saw incredible diversity in when and how he was being used. It didn’t matter if the team was winning or losing, the number of opportunities remained exceptional. With Bailey Zappe set to start on Sunday once again, and the aforementioned Cleveland Browns seeing the third most redzone carries in the league, I’d count on considerable work for Stevenson once again.

And that my friends will do it for The Stats You Need To Know: Week 5 edition! As always, every chart you see above was pulled directly from the website here at the FF Playbook. If you’re ever curious as to how your favorite teams or players stack in the above measures, it’s honestly just a filter away.  I’d LOVE to see you check it out here: (!  

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Until next week, go tell someone you appreciate them.