The Stats You Need To Know After Week 6 (2022 Fantasy Football)

Stats you should know; week 6 edition

My wife doesn’t really watch football. Sure, she’ll sit there while I have the game(s) on, often either watching another show on her iPad or playing on her phone. You know, just hanging out. Such was the case on Sunday. I’m watching the games, checking injury updates, taking notes for this article; not really paying attention to what she’s doing. I mean, Bills/Chiefs was on. Sorry babe, priorities and whatnot.

Out of nowhere, she exclaims “Wow who is this Allen guy he’s doing everything for Buffalo.” Turns out even she was captivated by that game. I couldn’t blame her and just kind of laughed and confirmed yeah, he isn’t human. The very next play – AFTER she says that – was the hurdle over Justin Reid. And then the go-ahead Touchdown to Knox a minute later. So yeah, I guess if anyone has the hookup to discount Bills jerseys, I know what she’s getting for Christmas.  Oh also she graduated from University of Tennessee, so it was a good weekend.

And that’s how we’re going to start The Stats You Should Know; Week6 Edition.  The smoothest transition?  Probably not.  A fun anecdote into my life and how I interact with football on a daily basis?  Absolutely.

Devin Singletary is clearly the most trusted running back in Buffalo.

Coming into the season, there was a moderate fear that Buffalo’s backfield would be split.  We knew Devin Singletary was a respectable runner, but there was positive buzz around Zack Moss and the team invested a second-round pick in James Cook.  As it turns out, this job is currently dominated by Singletary, especially when game situations are at their most uncertain.

The tables above show the opportunity differential for each of Buffalo’s runners at various points in the score.  While its nice to see that James Cook is getting some work, its important to realize that almost anytime the team is losing or tied, the team is leaning on Singletary.

To further that same split, the below image represents the carry split when the Bills are LOSING.

Carolina had a total of 29 passing yards to non-Running Backs in week 6.

Alternative title:  DJ Moore is on your bench until further notice (and I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to drop him outright).  The below report shows all opportunities for Wide Receivers and Tight Ends by the Panthers this week.  To put it mildly… PJ Walker was not the answer.  Nor was firing Matt Rhule.  Or Robbie Anderson’s outburst.

This chart above shows the overall output and opportunities for Wide Receivers and Tight Ends in week6.  Not only did the Panthers only have 29 yards to the positions, but 33 of those yards came after the catch.  Yes, you read that correctly.

As you would expect, this also translates to dismal Red Zone production, in terms of both opportunities and overall output.  Moore leads the team in targets within the opposing 20, but with… just 3 targets.  This entire non-McCaffrey offense is on the bench until further notice.

Start Wide Receivers against the Titans.

Last week we did a dive on starting Tight Ends vs Seattle, and that paid off with a reasonable 7/70 game from Zach Ertz.  This week we’re going back to the well with the Indianapolis Colts Wide Receivers, who are playing the Titans.  Through five games (remember the Titans had a bye in week 6), the titans are giving up the most receiving yards per target to the position, and are among the very worst in giving up yards, keeping pace with the worst teams that have played the full six games.

To that same effect, the titans have already given up 75+ receiving games to five players.  While Michael Pittman isn’t one of them and they have already played the Colts once, I anticipate a reasonable degree of output from Pittman and Pierce against a Titans defense that has struggled thus far in 2022.

There Los Angeles Rams will continue to have an unsettled backfield.

(I wont belabor the Cam Akers situation, but we’ll operate under the assumption that he’s played his last game as a Ram.)

Last week, Malcom Brown was watching the games from his couch.  This week, he had eight (!!!) opportunities.  He had a goal to-go carry.

Brown was involved when the team was winning and losing in equal parts to his running mate Darrell Henderson.  He wasn’t the primary back, but he was involved early and often.  And with reports of rookie Kyren Williams possibly stepping into a significant role upon his return, this is only going to get more messy as weeks progress.

And that’s going to put a bow on The Stats you Should Know for week 6!.  Every chart you see above was pulled directly from the website here at the FF Playbook.  If you’re ever curious as to how your favorite teams or players stack in the above measures, its honestly just a filter away.  I’d LOVE to see you check it out here: (!

Additionally, The FF Playbook has a discord channel where I make a point to stay active and answer start/sit questions or drop new reports upon request.  I have a channel dedicated to these reports, or you can just yell at me directly for start/sit inquiries.  Its an incredible community that is growing by the day.

Until next week, go tell someone you love them.

Andrew Hayslip